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“FlubuCore - Fluent Builder Core”,跨平台的构建与部署自动化系统,通过直观的 Fluent 接口,使用 C# 定义构建和部署脚本。这使你的代码获得自动完成、IntelliSense、调试、FlubuCore 自定义分析器,以及在脚本中对整个 .NET 生态的原生性访问。

FlubuCore in action

通过 roslyn 的强大赋能,FlubuCore 提供有 .NET/.NET Core 控制台应用程序用于编译和执行脚本。以上示例均可从控制台运行:

  • FlubuCore runner flubu.exe Default
  • FlubuCore dotnet cli tool dotnet flubu Default
  • FlubuCore local or global tool flubu Default


  • 直观,易学。C#、流畅的 API 设计和 IntelliSense,使复杂脚本的构建变得举重若轻。
[FromArg("nugetKey", "Nuget api key for publishing Flubu nuget packages.")]
public string NugetApiKey { get; set; }

protected override void ConfigureTargets(ITaskContext context)
    var pack = context.CreateTarget("Pack")
        .SetDescription("Prepare's nuget package.")
        .AddCoreTask(x => x.Pack()
            .WithArguments("--force"); //you can add your own custom arguments on each task

    var branch = context.BuildSystems().Travis().Branch;

    var nugetPush = context.CreateTarget("Nuget.publish")
        .SetDescription("Publishes nuget package.")
        .AddCoreTask(x => x.NugetPush($"{OutputDirectory}/NetCoreOpenSource.nupkg")
        .When((c) => c.BuildSystems().RunningOn == BuildSystemType.TravisCI
                     && !string.IsNullOrEmpty(branch)
                     && branch.EndsWith("stable", StringComparison.OrdinalIgnoreCase));
  • 内置大量常用任务,如运行测试、versioning、管理 ISS、创建部署包(deployment packages)、发布 NuGet 包、docker 任务、 sql tasks, git tasks, 执行 PowerShell 脚本等。
   .AddTask(x => x.GitVersionTask())
   .AddTask(x => x.CompileSolutionTask("MySolution.sln").BuildConfiguration("Release");

   .AddTask(x => x.XunitTaskByProjectName("MyProject").StopOnFail())
   .AddTask(x => x.NUnitTask(NunitCmdOptions.V3, "MyProject2").ExcludeCategory("Linux"))
   .AddCoreTask(x => x.CoverletTask("MyProject.dll"));
        .Do((c) =>
            //// write your awesome code.
            File.Copy("NotSoAwesome.txt", Path.Combine(OutputDirectory, "JustAnExample.txt") );
            //// Access flubu built in tasks in DO if needed.
        .AddTask(x => x.CompileSolutionTask())
  • 当脚本与项目文件一起使用时会自动加载程序集引用和 NuGet 包。当脚本单独执行(譬如在生产环境中使用 FlubuCore 脚本进行部署)时,可在特性(attributes)中添加引用(references)。
[NugetPackage("Newtonsoft.json", "11.0.2")]
public class BuildScript : DefaultBuildScript
   public void NuGetPackageReferencingExample(ITaskContext context)
 public class SimpleScript : DefaultBuildScript
    protected override void ConfigureTargets(ITaskContext context)
        .AddTask(x => x.RunProgramTask(@"packages\LibZ.Tool\1.2.0\tools\libz.exe")
            .WithArguments("--libz", "Assemblies.libz"));
 public class SimpleScript : DefaultBuildScript
    [FromArg("c", "The configuration to use for building the project.")]
    public string Configuration { get; set; } = "Release"

    [FromArg("sn", "If true app is deployed on second node. Otherwise not.")]
    public bool deployOnSecondNode { get; set; }

    protected override void ConfigureTargets(ITaskContext context)
            .AddCoreTask(x => x.Build()
                .ForMember(x =>  x.Framework("net462"), "f", "The target framework to build for.")); 
  flubu build -c=Debug -f=netcoreapp2.0
    public class ExampleFlubuPluginTask : TaskBase<int, ExampleFlubuPluginTask>
        protected override int DoExecute(ITaskContextInternal context)
            // Write your task logic here.
            return 0;
        .AddTaskAsync(x => x.NUnitTaskForNunitV3("TestProjectName1"))
        .AddTaskAsync(x => x.NUnitTaskForNunitV3("TestProjectName1"))
        .AddTaskAsync(x => x.NUnitTaskForNunitV3("TestProjectName3"));
   .AddCoreTask(x => x.Build("MySolution.sln").Configuration("Release");

flubu example --configuration=Debug

flubu 将执行 dotnet build MySolution.sln --configuration Debug

    dotnet tool install --global FlubuCore.GlobalTool
    flubu compile

FlubuCore 交互模式

  • 使用 FlubuCore 自定义分析器(FlubuCore custom analyzers)增强开发体验。

执行中的 FlubuCore 分析器


FlubuCore 用起来非常简单:-) 而且她的文档也非常完整。

FlubuCore 文档 中的入门一章将帮助你立即设置你的第一个 FlubuCore 构建。

可在构建脚本的原理 一章中查阅 FlubuCore 提供的完整功能列表。

一旦你定义了构建与部署脚本(build and deployment scripts),以下 Wiki 张杰将解释如何运行它们:


除了 Wiki 的详细介绍外,FlubuCore 还提供了大量与真实情况相若的范例。这些例子可以在独立仓库 Examples repository 中找到。

这些示例有助于你快速入门 FlubuCore:

这些示例有助于你快速入门 FlubuCore:

  • .NET Framework 构建示例 - Example covers versioning, building the project, running tests, packaging application for deployment.

  • .NET Core 构建示例 - Example covers versioning, building the project, running tests, packaging application for deployment.

  • 部署脚本示例 - Example shows how to write simple deployment script.

  • Open source library example - Example covers versioning, building the project, running tests and publishing nuget package. It also covers how to run build script on Appveyor and Travis CI.


Join the chat at https://gitter.im/FlubuCore/Lobby




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  • Special thanks to @ironcev for greatly improving readme and for giving some valuable advices.
  • Special thanks to @alexinea for translating whole documentation to Chinese.
  • Special thanks to @huanlin for writing blogs about FlubuCore in Traditional Chinese and for translationg them to English.

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